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Why should I use the Auction Method?

The Auction Method is one of the fastest and most efficient means of converting your property, possessions or inventory into cash.

Through competitive bidding, the Auction Method establishes true fair market value.

Auctions create excitement for your merchandise and drive up prices.

Using the Auction Method, you decide what you will sell, when you will sell it, and what minimum price you will accept.

By establishing a time-line, and an advertising budget, the Auction Method can out-perform other methods of marketing, especially when you factor in the Time-Value of money tied up in items that are waiting to sell using those other methods of marketing.

What items are sold at Auction?

There are millions of items sold at Auction daily. Auctions are the preferred method of establishing fair market value for most tradable items. Stocks, Bonds, Treasury Bills, and Commodities such as: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Crude Oil, as well as automobiles, livestock, and produce are all examples of items sold at Auction. Businesses, Exchanges, and Governments use Auctions because they work. Any item of real* or personal property can be sold at auction including:

Residential and Commercial Real Estate*


Heavy Equipment, and Tools

Office Equipment, Office Supplies

Manufacturing Equipment and Supplies

Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

Farm Equipment, Farm Supplies, and Livestock

Automobiles and Trucks

Household Items and Personal Property

Collectibles, Antiques, Artwork, Antiquities, Coins, and Jewelry

Business Entities*


Who uses Auctioneers?

Federal, State, and Local Governments

School Boards


Executors / Personal Representatives for Estates

Bankruptcy Trustees


Businesses – to reduce or liquidate inventory

Investors, Dealers, and Businesses associated with Collectibles, Antiques, Artwork, Coins and Antiquities


Charities, Churches, Schools, and Non-Profit Organizations

Individuals Retiring or Moving and needing to downsize

Individuals and Businesses desiring to sell Residential or Commercial Real Estate*

*Aaron Joseph & Company is not currently licensed to sell Real Estate, Business Entities or Opportunities as an on-going concern (other than the liquidation of a business including inventories, equipment and supplies), or Securities. This brochure is designed to be informative and not intended to imply that we are in any way in the business of Real Estate, Business Brokering, or Securities Brokering. If you have a need to market Real Estate, an on-going Business Concern, or Securities, we will happily refer you to other Auctioneers who are licensed to conduct those sales.

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